We have formed successful partnerships with university departments, research institutes, laboratories, research teams, as well as SCI service companies and translation companies who seek SCI language expertise from especially Asia and Europe. Sirius Interactive partners benefit from customized editing levels, special bulk and group discounts, and customized payment schedules.


We've been in the trade since 2004. We have a strong editing team and can grow it to meet your demands.


We work with you to provide an affordable rate for your department. We can customize our editing services to match your price point.

Ease of Operations

By partnering with us, you can save time dealing with individual vendors. We customize payment schedules and editing requirements.

Complete Confidentiality

We sign complete confidentiality and security agreements with all parties involved.

We are a one-stop solution for all the research publishing needs of your university: we edit papers, recommend suitable journals for publication, assist with the submission process, and also guide authors through the post-review revision process. As part of author training, we not only conduct workshops but also offer one-on-one feedback sessions based on the edited versions of the papers. By partnering with universities departments in Asia, Europe, and South America, we hope to contribute to the goal of establishing a publishing culture.

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For publishers looking to outsource their editing process or offer editing services to authors, we customize the level of editing to your needs and offer volume-based rates. Our model allows you to offer editing services to authors under your own brand name or via co-branding. We establish an outsourcing model, where we provide the infrastructure, skill set and knowledge base for your projects.

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Research organizations seek scientific accuracy in all their documentation. For our partner organizations, apart from research papers, we work on internal documentation, marketing collaterals, website content, and annual reports. We also offer customized skill training programs at special rates. Our clients consist of contract and clinical research organizations and European Union-funded projects.

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Translated documents can benefit from a language check before submission to the client. Our team of editors are experienced at enhancing translations, making them native and removing any unnaturalness. Our specialized editors can handle very technical documents as well, and we customize the price depending on the level of intervention required.

Areas Covered

Technical: Instruction, service and training manuals, requests for proposal, request for tenders, technical and operating manuals
Academic: Theses, dissertations, journal articles, cover letters, resumes, presentations, etc.
Business: Annual reports, financial statements, human resource documents, international and intercultural communications, policies and guidelines, etc.
Medical & Pharmaceutical: Medical equipment, clinical trials, instructions for stall, research and development reports, consent forms, etc.
Legal: Certificates, trusts, wills, articles of incorporation, patents, settlements, etc.

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