Editing Services

We edit research papers and doctoral theses to ensure that your writing is clear, logical, free from mistakes, and well presented.



*Authors from partner institutions and departments are exempt from Step 3 (prepayment). Conditions of the partnership apply.

Steps 4 to 6 are repeated once for Premium Editing (within 6 months) and an Unlimited number of times for Developmental Editing (within a year)


We will help you choose. The top priority for an author is to get his or her work published. As an editing service provider, we understand this and accordingly recommend the editing service that will take you closer to your goal—faster. We will recommend the editing service that is ideal for you after going over your paper, studying the level of original of writing, and understanding your expectations.

An editing certificate is essentially a letter from Sirius Interactive that attests to fact that the manuscript has been edited by qualified professionals for language. Many international peer-reviewed journals expect non-native authors to have their papers edited prior to submission.

Not at all. The level of editing needed on a paper depends on the original quality of writing and the expectations of the journal you wish to submit to. Not every paper that is published is of publishable quality. Having said that, because we promise to deliver 100% publishable language quality, you can rest assured that even if you don’t see many changes, your paper will be ready to print!

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer through our payment partner Insta Mojo. You’ll receive the details in your work order.