Our Team

We collaborate with highly qualified and experienced editors from across the world to serve your needs. Here are some of our regular editors.

Jaya, IN/CN :

Jaya, IN/CN

Jaya graduated in Astronomy and specialized in Science Based Business at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. She’s been a science editor since 2004 and founded Sirius in 2009. She is passionate about science communication and science education and also works on several astronomy and physics outreach projects. At Sirius, Jaya looks out for new partnerships and innovative ways to help researchers publish better.

Rucha, UK :

Rucha, UK

Rucha holds a masters degree in microbiology from the University of Mumbai. She has over nine years experience in the academic editing field and has been a trainer for new as well as seasoned editors. At Sirius, Rucha is in charge of editor liaison and skill development, because happy editors make happy clients!

Veena, IN :

Veena, IN

Veena is a mass communications graduate and a certified editor of the life sciences (BELS). Over the course of her decade-long career in scientific editing and publishing, she has worked as an editor, trainer, quality analyst, and editorial manager. A self-confessed grammar nerd, Veena’s passion for the English language has helped her conceptualize and develop several interactive online courses, which were part of a basic editor training program at her previous organization, Cactus. Chief among them was an exhaustive course on article usage, parts of which were sold as an e-book to non-native researchers. At Sirius, Veena deftly juggles three functions: operations management, customer service, and, mostly importantly, training.

Alisha, IN :

Alisha, IN

Alisha holds a master's degree in economics. She started off her career as a stock broker with HDFC securities. There, she traded for clients and then progressed to training executives to do the same. She then switched profiles to editing. She worked with Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd., an organization that offers language services to native and non-native speakers. She worked with them for 2.5 years as an academic editor. As part of her role, Alisha edited, proofread, and formatted academic manuscripts: dissertations, thesis, original articles, etc. She now works as a copyeditor with Packt Publishing Pvt. Ltd., in addition to her freelance work. They publish books on new and/or upcoming technologies in the market.

Ashley, AU :

Ashley, AU

After graduating from The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Science (Neurobiology), Ashley went on to complete her Honours degree (First Class) in Developmental Biology. In the time since her studies, Ashley worked as a full-time in-house science writer at a world-class research institute in Australia. In this role, she gained experience in editing journal articles, book chapters, annual reports, review articles, and applications to government funding and philanthropic bodies. Ashley has recently moved into a freelance role, providing editing services to researchers and medical writing companies. With a background in science and journalism, and more than 8 years of editing experience, Ashley is well positioned to assist both native and non-native English speakers perfect their scientific and academic writing.

Anthea, IN :

Anthea, IN

Anthea completed her PhD in Inorganic/Organic Chemistry from Oklahoma State University in 2009. Keen to venture off into something different from conventional research, she started working at Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. While at Crimson Interactive for 4 years, she primarily edited documents (research manuscripts/thesis/seminar presentations/website content) related to physical sciences for non-native English speakers. Besides editing, she was involved in training and mentoring trainee and junior in-house editors.

Barbara, US :

Barbara, US

Barbara has a MS degree in biological conservation and has been providing editing services to science researchers worldwide for several years. Barbara also works as a subcontractor for environmental consulting firms. Her past positions include working as a subcontractor to the National Marine Fisheries Service on specific programs to conserve and increase populations of endangered Chinook salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon; the executive director of The Western Section of the Wildlife Society; a business manager at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation; and a business manager at a local monthly magazine. Any free time is spent with her 27-year-old thoroughbred (pictured on the left).

Christine, US :

Christine, US

Christine has more than 15 years’ experience writing and editing technical documentation including user guides, online help files, software and hardware manuals, web articles, and operations manuals. She has extensive hands-on experience writing and editing science and medical content in the academic and pharmaceutical industries. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, volunteering, spending time with family, and singing in a community choir.

Denise, US :

Denise, US

Denise is an editor and author specializing equally in the humanities and sciences. She has been editing and writing professionally for over 15 years. In addition, Denise enjoys working with ESL authors to polish their writing in English. She holds a certificate in editing from the University of Washington, a bachelor degree in communications from The Evergreen State College, and a bachelor in music from Pacific Lutheran University. She has attended the University of Washington Graduate School of Music and the Evergreen State College’s Master in Teaching Program. Her most recent publication is titled Smithsonian: Explore Space. She is also a freelance editor with the Oxford University Press, Disney Publishing Worldwide, and many others.

Ed, US :

Ed, US

Ed is a former electronic engineer who became an editor for EDN Magazine, the prominent magazine for electronics engineers. Later, he worked as a freelancer for companies that included Intel, Cisco Systems, 3M, Epson America and WangCo, ghostwriting journal articles, speeches and even opinion pieces and writing technical books for Prentice-Hall and a course for Heathkit. In 1989, he moved to Hong Kong to work for ASMG, taking on the job of Editor in Chief for the multilingual (Korean-English, Cantonese-English and Japanese-English) editions of Asian Electronics Engineer and Electronic News for China (Mandarin). He also edited numerous books. After leaving ASMG, he went freelance again, editing and writing journal articles in a variety of scientific and technical fields.

Elizabeth, UK :

Elizabeth, UK

Elizabeth obtained a First Class Honours degree in Medical Biology prior to a PhD in regenerative medicine at York University, with specific focus in the area of stem cells and tissue engineering of soft tissues, cartilage and bone. Having worked in both academic and industry research environments, she has a broad knowledge of many scientific techniques and the publication process. She has been a member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) and has completed the Foundation EMWA Professional Development Programme in Medical Writing. Elizabeth has written and edited medical training packages on specific diseases and pharmaceutical interventions and has been a freelance editor of scientific manuscripts for the last five years.

Emma, UK :

Emma, UK

Emma's been a full time copy-editor since 2004. Emma (MPhys) graduated in Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology from Lancaster University. She's a member of the Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators (MISTC), Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and an Associate Member of the Institute of Physics (AMInstP). Her past experience includes editing science textbooks for publishers and she's also authors articles for international magazine Physics World. She's helped more than 500 authors publish.

Joelle, UK :

Joelle, UK

After receiving her PhD in Biological Sciences in 2000 from Royal Holloway, University of London, Joelle moved into science communication and administration.  She worked for over 10 years for the UK Government’s Food Standards Agency, where (amongst other things) she developed and managed a World Leading programme of scientific and consumer research on food allergy and immunology.  She has published a number of scientific and technical papers in peer-reviewed journals, acted as a reviewer of scientific manuscripts and research grant applications and has edited and improved a great many manuscripts, technical reports, abstracts, book chapters and other types of scientific documents. Since starting a family, Joelle has become a freelance professional scientific and technical writer, editor and proofreader in the biological sciences field, with particular interests in the food sciences, nutrition, general and preventive medicine, clinical research, biology and environmental sciences fields.  She is passionate about communicating clear, accurate, evidence based science.

Julia, AU :

Julia, AU

Julia has a PhD in Biochemistry (Structural Immunology) from Monash University. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in editing and publishing from the University of Southern Queensland. She has over 14 years experience as a biomedical researcher in academia and industry, and is now a full-time freelance science writer and editor. Her areas of speciality include immunology, biochemistry, structural biology, cancer, cell biology, pharmacology, drug discovery, and medicine. Julia is based in Brisbane, Australia and enjoys running, reading, and drinking coffee.

Kate, US :

Kate, US

Kate has a PhD in Pathobiology from Brown University. After working as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Georgia for almost two years, she moved to New Zealand in 2013 and began working as a freelance scientific editor. With her biomedical research background, Kate edits in the fields of immunology, virology, vaccine development, cell biology, and microbiology. Currently based in Wellington, Kate also enjoys spending time with friends and family, crocheting, working out, and exploring scenic NZ.

Kevin, US :

Kevin, US

Kevin, who received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Hawaii and his MS in Psychology from Rutgers University, has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles in 60 different social science and healthcare journals. He has served on the editorial board of various scientific journals for over a dozen years, and he has been a peer-reviewer for 32 medical, social science and other scientific journals during the past 35 years. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy since 2008, and is currently a Senior Researcher at the Center for PsychoSocial Research in Long Island, New York. He has done professional manuscript editing since 2013, specializing in cognitive neuroscience, nursing, public health, sociology, psychiatry, and all areas of psychology.

Morley, CA :

Morley, CA

Morley completed an MSc in 1972 and joined the Canadian government's Department of Fisheries as a Biologist. He left this government position in 1982 to form a biological consulting business. He entered the ESL editing field in 2004 and, since that time, has been an active freelance editor for companies in several Asian countries. He specializes in editing manuscripts in environmental topics, particularly conservation biology, but is well experienced in editing manuscripts in a wide variety of fields within the earth, life, applied, and social sciences.

Rebecca, US :

Rebecca, US

Rebecca Lobo has a research background in biochemistry, cancer biology and epigenetics. She has a PhD in Nutritional Biology and a graduate student researcher in Medical Pathology. She is passionate about effective communication, science and giving back to the community. She volunteers as the Newsletter Editor for Goa Sudharop in her free time.

Shalmali, IN :

Shalmali, IN

Shalmali has a master’s degree in life sciences. She has been an academic editor for the last 6 years, and her areas of specialization include medicine, dentistry, surgery, cell biology, oncology, zoology, epidemiology, public health, environmental sciences, and endocrinology. For 2.5 years, she was an editor with the Singapore Medical Journal, where she was responsible for were copyediting, proofreading, and coordinating with designers and printers for typesetting and confirmation of trial proofs. She also worked as a freelance editor for the Medical Publications Support Unit of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (National University of Singapore) for almost 4 years.

Stephanie, UK :

Stephanie, UK

Stephanie completed a PhD in environmental science (ecotoxicology) and is well-versed with the academic publishing process, having published three journal articles and a book chapter based on the research outcomes of her PhD. She has also performed a blind peer review of a paper submitted to Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. She predominantly edits scientific manuscripts pre-submission. She has also completed training with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.

Carl, CA :

Carl, CA

Carl was awarded his MSci in Physics in 2003 and his PhD in Psychology in 2008. He spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher in human sensory motor neuroscience, covering topics that ranged from behavioural research to computational neural modelling to clinical data analysis. In 2012 he moved into the freelance world and uses his varied skillset to work as an academic editor, writer, film/TV background performer, programmer, theatre director, project manager, and pop/R&B songwriter, among other things.

Maria, NL :

Maria, NL

Maria Cruz is an astronomer with professional experience in scholarly publishing, science writing, education and public outreach. Until February 2015, she was a senior editor at Science magazine, responsible for handling astronomy and planetary science manuscripts. Currently, she serves as education officer at the European Space Agency. Before joining Science, she edited and coordinated the production of the ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap: A Strategic Plan for European Astronomy. She has also worked briefly at the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in London. She has an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Oxford,UK.